Imagyn Am brings fun in every game! Please support our Kickstarter for Don't Be A B*TCH starting February 19th, 2024!

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Don't Be A B*TCH

We are actively expanding our products to bring you the best game night with family and friends. We have a Kickstarter set for February 19th, 2024 for Don't Be A B*TCH! Please support the start of our amazing journey!

About us

Creation of passion

Imagyn Am was created out of a joy of making other people have fun. Whether through serious games with close friends or wild party games with a group, we just want to make the world childish again. I think we could all use a little escape in our lives, and it truly is a blessing that we get to help every one of you with that. So, spend all your money here and we'll keep making more good times.